Your light exiles my shadows,

Until they cower in the dark

Fresh memories we’ve made together

Re-ignite my spark.

Dazed and dazzled in your presence,

Lights dim when you are gone.

I breathe you while I can,

Knowing I wont have you long.

And every tiny cut

that pains me when you leave,

Is worth the bitter sweetness

for the pleasure that you weave.

So I’ll ignore the voices

That tell me I should flee,

For one more stolen day with you

and the love that sets me free.


Beneath a cerulean dome, your smile lights up my tiny world.
My paper skin crackles while your
laughter ripples, lost on the breeze, delivered to a stranger’s ears.
My heart shines at your careless sound, and I’m proud to call you mine.
You breathe new life into my ancient soul;
you keep me young while I grow old.

Their cries of anguish
Pierce my heart like an arrow
And leave me weeping

Still ruffled from sleep
He leaves silently in the dark
And leaves me bereft

Lizzi mills
All rights protected

Your delight rings out
A tinkle of bells on the breeze
And I breathe your joy


We’ve been bound forever, my shadow and me, through hellish dark depths and sharp, soaring glee.

Where I go, she follows. We’re never apart.
Dogged, determined, she blackens my heart.

In the glare of the spotlight, she grows stronger still, ’til I become shadow, bent to her will;
A puppet, strung up, helpless and weak – my shadow controlling, I’m passive and meek.

But one day I know, I’m bound to be free, to walk in the sunlight.
Alone. Only me.

My shadow abandoned, imprisoned in gloom, with no-one to torture, no space in my room.

I will run free, chased by the sun, my spirit alive, my soul on the run.

But your cruelty’s familiar as breath is to me. And without all your dark, would I notice the glee?

If I chase you away, will I be on my own? No contrast, no texture, as pale as old bone.

Until I steal courage to enter the light, to take that last step, to conquer and fight,
until then cruel shadow my friend and my foe, we’ll go on together, a two woman show.

Honeyed words spoken with a bitter tongue;
In my urgent thirst, I drank them in.

Verisimilitude of love, cloaked in a tissue of lies;
All the while, your sweetness silently killing me.

And you left me for dead.