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Your light exiles my shadows,

Until they cower in the dark

Fresh memories we’ve made together

Re-ignite my spark.

Dazed and dazzled in your presence,

Lights dim when you are gone.

I breathe you while I can,

Knowing I wont have you long.

And every tiny cut

that pains me when you leave,

Is worth the bitter sweetness

for the pleasure that you weave.

So I’ll ignore the voices

That tell me I should flee,

For one more stolen day with you

and the love that sets me free.


Beneath a cerulean dome, your smile lights up my tiny world.
My paper skin crackles while your
laughter ripples, lost on the breeze, delivered to a stranger’s ears.
My heart shines at your careless sound, and I’m proud to call you mine.
You breathe new life into my ancient soul;
you keep me young while I grow old.

Their cries of anguish
Pierce my heart like an arrow
And leave me weeping

So after a rather heated discussion with my ex-husband today (ok, argument then) it occurred to me how many people consider self-employment to mean nothing more than staying home, drinking tea and watching Jeremy Kyle do his worst on daytime TV.

Well, ok, two out of three ain’t bad, to quote Meatloaf. But seriously, when the discussion came up about childcare during the school summer break, I was told, fairly baldly, that as I had “ditched my job” he wouldn’t be needed for his fair share of kiddicare during the summer holidays! Seriously!

Even though he knows I’ve started getting work through as a freelance writer. Even though he can see that my day time is dominated by child-centric necessities, almost to the exclusion of all else, when all three are home.

I mean obviously, I’d love to write through the night, go to bed at dawn and surface again at Pimms o’clock. It’s my natural rhythm. But the presence of three little bodies who awake at 6:30 every morning, simply won’t allow that.

For some reason, as soon as you’ve mentioned the fatal words “working from home” it seems to be taken as a massive euphemism for “lazing around doing naff-all besides drinking tea and contemplating your navel”!

But is this a global attitude, or is this peculiar to the UK? We still, even in this so-called enlightened age, seem to have the attitude that if you haven’t clocked in, clocked out and worked an extra hour at your desk to impress the bosses (even if you are only marking time and playing solitaire on your PC), that somehow, you just aren’t doing a ‘proper’ job. Is it just the Brits, or does the rest of the freelancing world get this?

And it’s not just freelance writers either! Artists, part-rime workers, even stay-at -home mothers are somehow treated as if they are shirking some unknown responsibility to society.

So I guess we’d all better go out and get ‘proper’ jobs and stop arsing around with this writing nonsense?

…ok …I’ll just get these 1500 words down and then I’ll get to the job centre….honest!