We’ve been bound forever, my shadow and me, through hellish dark depths and sharp, soaring glee.

Where I go, she follows. We’re never apart.
Dogged, determined, she blackens my heart.

In the glare of the spotlight, she grows stronger still, ’til I become shadow, bent to her will;
A puppet, strung up, helpless and weak – my shadow controlling, I’m passive and meek.

But one day I know, I’m bound to be free, to walk in the sunlight.
Alone. Only me.

My shadow abandoned, imprisoned in gloom, with no-one to torture, no space in my room.

I will run free, chased by the sun, my spirit alive, my soul on the run.

But your cruelty’s familiar as breath is to me. And without all your dark, would I notice the glee?

If I chase you away, will I be on my own? No contrast, no texture, as pale as old bone.

Until I steal courage to enter the light, to take that last step, to conquer and fight,
until then cruel shadow my friend and my foe, we’ll go on together, a two woman show.